A Complete Guide on Using the Stamford Pigeon Shock Track

The Stamford pigeon shock track was designed to conform to the latest architectural style of the house today. This enables them to perfectly fit into a wide range of surface. Homeowners will definitely take advantage of its effective bird exclusions as well as the low visibility of the product. Apart from the pigeons, this is manufactured to repel almost all types of bird. Installation of this device is also pretty simple. You only need to apply track glue on the surface and an electrical connector that will enable the electrical current to flow continuously.

An Overview of the Pigeon Shock Track

If you want to prevent the Connecticut pigeons from landing, nesting, or roosting in your residential property, the Pigeon Shock Track would be an amazing solution. The low-profile design of this device will not hamper the aesthetic appeal of your property. The shock that it will deliver to the pigeons is only meant to startle them but will not hurt the pigeons. Here are more benefits that you can enjoy from this deterrent device.

Adaptable and Flexible

The design of the Stamford Pigeon shock track is intended to match different types of house configuration. Compared to other deterrent products such as bird spikes that will only suit flat surfaces, the shock track can be introduced in the varying type of arrangement and pattern. You can bend it curve it upward or downward, and even stretch it side to side. The flexibility of this device enables you to install it even on places with awkward shapes. 

Virtually Hidden

When the Connecticut pigeon Shock Track is installed professionally, this can be hidden to the plain sight. The thickness of the cable is only around ¼ inch. It is also accessible in different colors that allow homeowners to choose a shade that will match the color of their architectural structure. Even in a close up, it will be difficult to notice this deterrent. It should be expected that they are practically invisible when viewed from a distance. 

Humane Method

Since you will not only be repelling Connecticut pigeons but some of the birds as well, you need to make sure that you are using only the humane method. Harming the birds that are protected under the law will lead to a severe legal consequence. The shock that it will deliver is meant to scare them and not to hurt them. The shock would be enough to teach them to stay away from your property that delivers a long-term solution.

When installing the Stamford Pigeon Shock Track, try not to install it within the reach of the pedestrians. The intermittent electric shock will not be painful but it will be memorable. For a better installation of this deterrent, there are specialists that can complete the task for you. They can also provide you with different house modifications that can keep the pigeons at bay and will prevent them from establishing their nest within your property. The solution that they will offer will produce long term result.

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