Best Tips in Keeping Squirrels Away from Your Connecticut Garden

The Stamford squirrel's chattering sound and their outstanding acrobatic skills can easily elicit laughter and smiles. However, for those gardeners who will discover that their vegetables have been chewed and their garden beds have been destroyed, they will be irritated and frustrated on the presence of squirrel. They will constantly find effective ways to keep the squirrels out of their garden. 

How to Protect Your Stamford Gardens against Squirrel Infestation

Squirrels are known for stealing birdseeds and nuts. They also love to eat tree buds, leaves, flowers, fruits, and garden seedlings. They have teeth that are continuously growing. In order to control its growth, they will gnaw various materials. You will need to look for ways to drive them away to keep your garden safe.

Look For Signs of Infestation

Squirrels can inflict a wide range of damages in our Connecticut garden. Except for the flying squirrels, all species of squirrels will be active during the daytime. This means that it will not be difficult for you to look for signs of infestation in your garden. Here are some of the indications of squirrel activities.

  • Shallow digging in your yard. This will not be large; the size is about the same size of the golf ball. Seedbeds that are freshly planted are the common target of the squirrel.
  • Missing fruits and bite marks.
  • Damaged and missing plants.
  • Flowers that are partially eaten. 

  • Remove the Things That Attract Them

    The presence of the Stamford nuts, fallen fruits, seeds, and other food supplies in your garden will definitely attract the attention of the squirrel. Make sure that you immediately clear the fallen fruits under the trees. In case you have a birdfeeder, you may purchase a squirrel guard to protect it. Keep your garbage bin properly covered to prevent the squirrels from digging through your garbage.

    Scare Them

    Not all scare tactics will work on a Connecticut squirrel. Most of the time, this will only be effective for a limited time. If you are looking for a repellent, an eviction fluid might only be effective during the nesting season of the squirrel. You can also adopt a dog that will continuously chase the squirrels. This will guarantee you that your garden will be free from squirrel. 


    This is another effective method to repel the presence of the Connecticut squirrel. If you want to keep them away from your garden beds, you can introduce barriers or cage in your garden. This can be made from steel mesh, hardware cloth, chicken wires, and bird nettings that provide excellent protection against wildlife infestation. In case you are protecting the plants individually, you may conceal them with a chicken wire or hardware cloth. You can simply use a clothes pin to keep the barriers in place.

    Trapping is also a perfect way to deter the activities of the Stamford squirrels and to control their population. Unfortunately, if you don't deal with the real cause of your problem, it won't take too long until another squirrel will occupy your garden.

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