Why Are Most Ultrasonic Devices Ineffective Against Connecticut Armadillos?

As a Stamford company that has been working for years in the wildlife removal industry, it is not that uncommon that we receive inquiry about ultrasonic devices. While we understand the mass appeal of this product, we cannot vouch for the efficacy of this device. Perhaps you will be enticed by the marketing tactics of the manufacturers. Imagine plugging a device on your electrical outlet that will immediately get rid of the critters in your house such as armadillo, I'm sure anyone who will hear this will surely purchase a unit or two.

The Concept of the Stamford Ultrasonic Devices

The idea of using vibration or noise to deter the Connecticut wildlife infestation such as armadillo has been used throughout the history. In fact, people are using this method even before they discover electricity. According to the records, the ancient civilizations are harnessing the power of wind and water in order to produce the sound that can allegedly deter the activities of wild animals. 

On the other hand, ultrasonic devices as deterrents were probably based on the study that insects can be affected by high pitch sound. According to them, insects such as moths and roaches will avoid the high pitch sound released by the bats. Nonetheless, science will give us more detailed information about this matter.

Stamford Scientific Facts

Apart from the theory related with high-pitched sound, there is no concrete proof that Connecticut ultrasonic devices will affect the armadillo and will encourage them to leave our property. As a matter of fact, scientific studies reported that these devices will cause no effect on the target animal. Most of the time, the frequency and intensity of the sound stated on the packaging of the device will not match the right output. There are also instances when the output will go beyond the standard imposed by OSHA in terms of human exposure and tolerance.

Why They Are Ineffective

Understand that the use of the ultrasonic sound to get rid of the Connecticut armadillo is nothing more than a theory. There are no proofs that it can work in an actual environment. Based on the various study on different animals, they did not show any response to the sound that it produces. Even those gadgets that release sound in an extremely elevated level will be ineffective. Compared to the frequency sound that is in the lower range, the high-frequency sound does not have a tendency to reverberate. This means that they will not have the capacity to penetrate a solid wall. Spiders and cockroaches that showed a very minimum response has quickly adapted to the sound that it produces.

If you want a more effective solution for the Stamford armadillo invasion, you may have to consult your local armadillo removal specialist. They have a range of option that can completely get rid of the creature. You don't want to waste your money on gadgets that will not work; you have to invest your money on a solution that will deliver the favorable solution.

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